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On German TV: In.Puncto for EinsPlus

The lovely people at the German national TV channel Einsplus recently invited me to their show in.puncto and two days of filming in advance. To me, the funnest part of being on TV is getting to see how all of this works in the background, how many people are involved in creating a couple of minutes of TV footage and how nice every single person I get to meet is. Thanks for having me!

Photo by Lukasz Chornikowski

Muni Race 2 in Poland and Czech Republic

The beginning of every road trip looks about the same: Lots of unicycles for just a few people on the back of my little green van. This time, it took us to Rychlebské Stezky, Czech Republic where we unloaded our gear in an old summer bike camp. Since it was October and the temperatures accordingly, it was a good idea to wear a down jacket for breakfast and warm your fingers with lots of hot tea. The convention was a rather …


The Last Summit

Before the mountains of the Alps were dusted with white powder this year, Lutz Eichholz and I decided we wanted to do another big peak. In order for this to happen, it had to be soon. So we quickly made a plan, called up the most courageous and wild Austrians we know, Gerald Rosenkranz and David Weichenberger, and asked them to come along. A couple of days later, we met at a lonely train station near Innsbruck just before it got dark. I soon realized …


Whistler, Pemberton & The Wilderness

Take five people from four countries, five wheels, a very minimalistic set of camping gear, a bag of food and a cassette adapter for the soundtrack. Throw them all in an awesome old van, add a pile of never drying, smelly pads and helmets – and you’re set for a road trip that will make you forget that there’s a real life out there somewhere. You’ll learn lots of things. For example: British Columbia has 20,348,951,484 more stars in the sky than any other place …

Vancouver & The North Shores

Riding some of the legendary mountain bike trails in and around Vancouver has been one of my dreams for a while. So when I was at Moab Munifest last March, and my fellow team member Ryan Kremsater invited me and the other riders of our little camp to come to his hometown after Unicon 17, I responded with an immediate yes. Five month later here we were, eight people from all around the globe, with bulky unicycle luggage, tired but happy after …

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LUUV Video: Battle on the Devil’s Mountain

Here it is, the final version of Ben Soja and me racing on Teufelsberg in Berlin. Please note that the video is twisting reality a bit – usually I am much faster than Ben…  Oh, and make sure to watch it to the end.

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Making of Muni at Teufelsberg

It’s hard to catch your breath from laughing when working with the goofballs from LUUV. This is a making of edit for the upcoming muni video we filmed at Teufelsberg this summer. 

Photo by Ryan Kremsater

Postcard from Vancouver

The woodwork, the rainforest, the endless beauty of nature and kindness of the people we meet makes me want to never leave this place. After two fun and exciting weeks in Montréal at the Unicycling World Championships, I packed up my three new medals, sadly said good bye to all the lovely people I get to meet every two years, disassembled my uni yet again and travelled to Vancouver. With me came some of my favorite fellow muni riders and good friends. …

Opening Ceremony

Unicon 17 – World Champs

To someone who has never attended Unicon, it must seem a bit outlandish to hear people talk about and praise this event. Even I find it overdone sometimes. Until one second later all those memories, stories and beautiful moments come to my head and I find myself saying “I wish it was always Unicon.” Unicons, short for Unicycling World Championships and Convention, are like the Olympics, Christmas and summer camp happening all at once. They are held every two years in …

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On Breakfast TV Montréal

Benoit and I were on Breakfast Television in Montreal this morning. Don’t judge my riding, it was EARLY.