Whistler, Pemberton & The Wilderness

Take five people from four countries, five wheels, a very minimalistic set of camping gear, a bag of food and a cassette adapter for the soundtrack. Throw them all in an awesome old van, add a pile of never drying, smelly pads and helmets – and you’re set for a road trip that will make you forget that there’s a real life out there somewhere.

You’ll learn lots of things. For example: British Columbia has 20,348,951,484 more stars in the sky than any other place in the world. Ice-cold rivers and lakes are much better than showers. Dish soap is unnecessary. Chips are necessary. Mount Gandalf is an actual place. It is possible to sleep for a whole day. Roads in Canada might just stop in the middle of nowhere. Just stay on the unicycle.

Ten days in Whistler, Pemberton, Birkenhead Lake and the wilderness surrounding those places. Here are some of my favorite moments and shots.

Sam, Gerald, Benoit, Jakob and...yes that's me. Dear Diary, I really like tape and Dr Pepper. Jakob Flansberry on Kill Me Thrill Me - Whistler Gerald Rosenkranz on Kill Me Thrill Me - Whistler Very remote camping spot. Benoit. Good morning, Gerald.How to make toast in style Top of the World Trail - Whistler Top of the World Trail - Whistler Me riding the Top of the World Trail - Whistler

It wasn't my idea. Double diamond technical! Me riding in Whistler Bikepark - Photo by Benoit Gonneville Damme Sam Lancaster riding in Whistler Bikepark Gerald Rosenkranz riding in Whistler Bikepark Cool camp at Birkenhead Lake Birkenhead Lake Sam and Benoit doing the Canadian thing - Birkenhead Lake Birkenhead Lake Hiking to Brian Waddington HutBrian Waddington Hut TrailSuperhero GeraldBrian Waddington Hut Brian Waddington Hut We found National Geographics and a guitar Let's never leave.

Hi. No need for a jacket. Good morning. Me riding in Pemberton - Photo by Gerald Rosenkranz Me riding in Pemberton  - Photo by Gerald Rosenkranz Let's go on an adventure! Definitely the right road. "Let me just rip out these little plants and we can continue driving." My legs after days of intense riding and serious climbing in Birkenstocks. Somewhere north of Pemberton A campground by the river Gerald Rosenkranz & Sam Lancaster riding Gargamel Trail in Whistler Sam Lancaster riding Gargamel Trail in Whistler Back to civilization - Squamish Boys.

Indian Arm Provincial Park - Halvor Lunden Trail


Halvor Lunden Trail above Vancouver

It took us an hour to start the fire. But we did it.

Best camp spot ever.

This was the last batch of photos from my trip to Canada. Now off to new adventures.

An’So, we can’t thank you enough for being so incredibly generous to lend us your van. You’re our hero.

Boys, I miss the oatmeal breakfasts by the lake. Every day. Take care, see you soon.

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