Tenerife Recap

Oh boy. What a trip. Imagine you flew 3000km south to escape the winter in Germany, it’s cold, raining and the house you rented turns out not to be rain proof at all. And in the middle of all this, you find yourself thinking: “This is perfect.” Because in the end, none of these things matter. When you can go on intense day trips every day, when you ride your muni through an extremely rich and diverse fauna and beautiful landscape, when you have some of the finest people with you – it doesn’t matter that you had to put on cold and wet knee pads in the morning, because they didn’t dry during the night again. Okay, a functioning rain jacket does help. But everything else is just attitude. Hail and snow where it was supposed to be sunny and dry? Bring it on! We’ll hike up the mountain anyways, carrying our unis on our shoulders, living on cereal bars and water from our plastic bladders. Because it’s just as much fun to try and ride in the snow, to learn how to slide, to impress some trail runners in extremely tight lycras and to find a perfectly flowy but technical trail in the end. Adventure is what you make it. Period.

Lutz Eichholz and Scott Wilton also wrote about the trip.

Racing stripes, baby!Photo by Janna LehnertBen, Scott, Lutz and me during a break in the hailPhoto by Lutz EichholzPhoto by Lutz EichholzPhoto by Lutz EichholzLutz and Scott hiking through what we call "The Grand Canyon of Tenerife"The gang: Jana, Ben, Martina, Marco, Rocco, Gregor, Scott me and Lutz (top to bottom)It was a bit windy up there..Scott Wilton Above the clouds, we found the sun! Lutz and Scott riding on the street closed to cars because of the snow.Photo by Scott Wilton