Tales from the Karwendel Alps

Those first minutes of a roadtrip, when everything is finally packed, you’re spitting cherry seeds out of the window and wonder about the adventures you are going to have in the next couple of days.

When Benedikt Soja, Lutz Eichholz, Scott Wilton and I took off for our trip to the Karwendel Alps near Innsbruck, Austria this June, we had no idea. No idea, that the trails were going to be so perfect. No idea, that on the first day, we’d lose Ben’s precious muni on a steep slope in the forest. And no idea, that we’d have to call a helicopter to get Scott back down from the mountain. In the end, all turned out well and we consider ourselves very lucky, not only because we have such great road trip buddies, who can live in a tiny van peacefully even after days without a shower.

We focused on filming rather than taking photos this time, so here are some snap shots and a short video recap:

Check out Ben’s cool shirt.

Three fusion zeros checking out the view.

That moment when Scott turned into an angel at the peak.

Camera boy Lutz.

Die Frisur sitzt.


Above Lake Aachen.

While Scott was enjoying the view of his swollen ankle

Breakfast for champions.

PS: I love Youtube. Here’s an alternative link.

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  1. This is crazy… should this be possible? Everything by One wheel?
    I’m positive this is crazy… wow…

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