CLIF Bar Brand Ambassador 2015

Know those moments when you pack your bag, filling your water bladder halfway and stuffing one cereal bar into your backpack, because hey, it won’t be a long ride and who wants to bring some extra weight anyhow? And then you end up being out there for hours, with your stomach rumbling, longing for water. I sure have learned my lessons in the previous years, but it still happens to me sometimes. And then there’s that problem with standard cereal bars: You grow sick of their taste pretty quickly and they don’t even give you enough energy to reach the next alpine hut.

2015 is the year where it’ll all change: I am happy to announce that I will be a brand ambassador for CLIF Bar next year. I first tried their delicious, healthy snacks when I went to Moab this spring and basically lived on them in British Columbia this summer, bringing home as many bars as my luggage weight allowed. Now that they are available in Europe, am looking forward to this cooperation very much. Thank you!