Postcard from Vancouver

Crazy Carpenter on Woodlot. Photo by Ryan Kremsater
Crazy Carpenter on Woodlot. Photo by Ryan Kremsater

The woodwork, the rainforest, the endless beauty of nature and kindness of the people we meet makes me want to never leave this place. After two fun and exciting weeks in Montréal at the Unicycling World Championships, I packed up my three new medals, sadly said good bye to all the lovely people I get to meet every two years, disassembled my uni yet again and travelled to Vancouver. With me came some of my favorite fellow muni riders and good friends. We have spent an incredible week at Ryan Kremsater’s parent’s beautiful home now, and will head out to British Columbia today, to hunt down the next challenging trails out there.

More stories and photos soon!
Sending you love from paradise

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