Oh, those Pyrenees!

Frenche Pyrenees close to Cauterets

After two weeks of road tripping with seven people in a very big van I am now back home, slowly realizing how great of a trip this was. Right now, my head is sorting all these memories of the most beautiful mountains and trails, endless beaches, some surfing, camp fires, falling asleep under a roof of sparkling stars, lots of  sun, lots of rain, the most luxurious camping meals by Jesper, muddy unicycles, stinky gear, lots and lots of good riding. Thanks everyone for coming along, including Lutz and David. Where are we going next?

Roadtrip to Spain

Unicycling at 3400m

Riding on great trails at 3400m, with beautiful weather and Matterhorn in the background, plus and an amazing film and photo crew – Mettelhorn Project was an amazing experience and great success. We came back from the mountain safely and are now looking forward for the video and photos. Here are some snapshots:


Mettelhorn Project

For the next couple of days, I’ll be in the Swiss Pennine Alps with Lutz Eichholz, Pikofilm and Alex Fischer. We’ll be climbing a mountain called “Mettelhorn”.  The peak is 3406 meters above sea level. I have never been that high up with my unicycle. My highest climb was last year at “Cima Ombretta Orientale” in the Dolomites, which is 3011m high.

We are hoping for some good weather, great riding and lots of fun close to the sky. This is the route we’ll be taking:

It’s packing time now. I won’t forget my toothbrush. Promise.