Video: This Is British Columbia

2014 to me was the year of lots of great trips while starting my life from scratch. Of all those places and moments, it’s impossible to pick a favorite – there are just too many that come to my mind. That said, my Canada adventure definitly was the one that stood out the most, simply because it was so long and it was three trips in one. Three crazy trips. Here’s a brand new video by Ryan Kremsater about our time in British Columbia riding the North Shore mountains Fromme and Cypress, and in Mission, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.

All of you wonderful and witty people, the new friends I made, the old friends that grew even closer, I am happy that our paths crossed and thankful for all those precious moments we shared under the sun and under the stars. You guys make growing up bearable, thank you. To many more adventures and whatever else will come. 2015, bring it on.

 Update: Pinkbike, Mpora, Outside Television and many others have featured our video. Thanks!

CLIF Bar Brand Ambassador 2015

Know those moments when you pack your bag, filling your water bladder halfway and stuffing one cereal bar into your backpack, because hey, it won’t be a long ride and who wants to bring some extra weight anyhow? And then you end up being out there for hours, with your stomach rumbling, longing for water. I sure have learned my lessons in the previous years, but it still happens to me sometimes. And then there’s that problem with standard cereal bars: You grow sick of their taste pretty quickly and they don’t even give you enough energy to reach the next alpine hut.

2015 is the year where it’ll all change: I am happy to announce that I will be a brand ambassador for CLIF Bar next year. I first tried their delicious, healthy snacks when I went to Moab this spring and basically lived on them in British Columbia this summer, bringing home as many bars as my luggage weight allowed. Now that they are available in Europe, am looking forward to this cooperation very much. Thank you!

On German TV: In.Puncto for EinsPlus

The lovely people at the German national TV channel Einsplus recently invited me to their show in.puncto and two days of filming in advance. To me, the funnest part of being on TV is getting to see how all of this works in the background, how many people are involved in creating a couple of minutes of TV footage and how nice every single person I get to meet is. Thanks for having me!

Muni Race 2 in Poland and Czech Republic

The beginning of every road trip looks about the same: Lots of unicycles for just a few people on the back of my little green van. This time, it took us to Rychlebské Stezky, Czech Republic where we unloaded our gear in an old summer bike camp.

Since it was October and the temperatures accordingly, it was a good idea to wear a down jacket for breakfast and warm your fingers with lots of hot tea.

Photo by Scott Wilton

The convention was a rather small one, with not more than about 20 competitors. But amongst those were some of the world’s best XC and Downhill unicyclists. Here’s a photo of the infamous Jakub Rulf and me during a practise run.

Photo by Scott Wilton

There were two competitions: The Cross Country race atRychlebské Stezky with a long and intense uphill, following an hour-long technical downhill. There are no photos of me competing, because we were all racing. I got in first of the women, with Patricia Wilton making second place. During this race, both of the boys who had travelled with me, broke their bones on the same spot in the beginning of the track: Ben Soja hurt his hip during an unlucky fall and Scott Wilton broke his thumb in the beginning. Which didn’t stop him from finishing the race.

The next day, all of the riders travelled to Czarna Góra, Poland for the downhill comp, while Ben had fun at the Czech hospital nearby. Scott became Patricia’s and my personal photographer and ran down the track next to us. I have to talk him into doing that again. (Hi Scott.)

Photo by Lukasz Chornikowski

Photo above by Lukasz Chornikowski

Photo by Scott Wilton


It was close, but Patricia showed me why it makes sense to put on short cranks and pedal like crazy that day. She got in first, I followed close behind.

Photo by Scott Wilton

The Cross Country champs with their awards: Me, Scott Wilton (US), Patricia Wilton (US), Jakub Rulf (CZ) and Martin Charrier (F).

Photo by Lukasz Chornikowski

And the whole family (photographed by Miśka Hendrys):

Photo by Miśka Hendrys

Thank you for a great convention, Maksym!
Photos by Scott Wilton

The Last Summit

Before the mountains of the Alps were dusted with white powder this year, Lutz Eichholz and I decided we wanted to do another big peak. In order for this to happen, it had to be soon. So we quickly made a plan, called up the most courageous and wild Austrians we know, Gerald Rosenkranz and David Weichenberger, and asked them to come along.

A couple of days later, we met at a lonely train station near Innsbruck just before it got dark. I soon realized I had forgotten to bring any riding pants. Luckily, rule number one of Lutz Eichholz is: “Always bring a swim suit.” (Number two is: “Never bring a mattress”). I have never been happier to wear baggy swim shorts. We spread out everything we brought on the street, discussed what we needed to bring and stuffed it all into our big hiking packs. Then we turned on our head lamps and started climbing up a narrow gorge in the dark. When we had found a good spot to set camp, we soon noticed our stove didn’t work, had semi-warm Gnocchi for dinner, quickly set up our tents and hammocks and fell asleep listening to tales of the brave adventures of Lutz.

The next morning, with tiny eyes and wild hair, we were taken aback by the beauty of the place.

The weather man said there would be a thunderstorm in the afternoon, so we hurried upwards.

When we saw some evil-looking clouds coming towards us, we decided it would be smarter to turn around than to try and reach the summit at any cost. The trails, however, proved to be excellent.

Rider: Stephanie Dietze Photo: David Weichenberger

Rider: Gerald Rosenkranz Photo: Stephanie Dietze

Rider: Lutz Eichholz Photo: Stephanie Dietze

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