Hello, press people!

Magazine Covers

It’s always a bit scary, that moment when you hold the magazine in your hands. You can still smell the ink and carefully turn the pages, to keep its shiny look. On the other hand, you really want to find that article somewhere between those seventy-something pages. Which pictures did they chose? How did they quote and write about you?

So far, I’ve been lucky talking to the press people and I am very thankful for that. I’ve met some great and interesting personalities, many of whom I’d like to write an article about one day.

This is a collection of recently published print articles. I’ve been featured in Fahrstil, a German magazine about cycling culture, Women’s Adventure Magazine¬†from the US, Berliner Kurier, a daily tabloid-style newspaper from Berlin (Hooray!) and Berliner Bergsteiger, the magazine of the Berlin Alpine Association.

Fahrstil Magazine

Fahrstil MagazineFahrstil MagazineFahrstil MagazineFahrstil MagazineWomen's Adventure MagazineWomen's Adventure MagazineWomen's Adventure MagazineBerliner KurierBerliner KurierBerliner BergsteigerBerliner Bergsteiger