Bohemia – Wolves Don’t Sleep

Sometimes there is nothing holding me back from adventures, but my own thoughts. Luckily, I have friends to help me out in these situations.



Marius is pouring hot water over his holy drip coffee maker.

Marius: “Let’s do something cool this weekend.”
Stephanie: “Okay. But how? Berlin is flat.”
Marius: “Bohemia! It’s wild, it’s romantic and it’s a different country!”
Stephanie: “Sounds great!”
Marius: “We have a plan. I’ll bring the coffee. And the food.”
Stephanie: “I’ll bring everything else. As always.”

Marius performs a ridiculous break dance move on the floor.



We drive. We park the van, pack our bikes, almost spit out the super strong, super black coffee I make and ride into the forest. We race trams that take people uphill to go hiking.

Stephanie: “Was that a waterfall?”
Marius: “Yes, that was THE waterfall.”
Stephanie: “It’s tiny.”
Marius: “Says you.”

We cross the border to the Czech Republic. Seemingly forgotten weekend houses and their overgrown gardens line the streets. They turn into seemingly abandoned villages with old industrial ruins. When my legs start talking to me, I lie down in the grass in front of an old church and eat a banana.

Then we go up the hills.

Stephanie: “Oh no, I thought I have another gear. Urgh.”
Marius: “I am saving one just because.”
Stephanie: “I am not talking to you any more.”

A downhill road turns into a gravel road. Twilight. There are locals lurking on the street. I turn on my light.

Stephanie: “Shall we find a place to set up camp soon?”
Marius: “Let’s just ride a liiiittle further.”

Five minutes later in the dark forest.

Stephanie: “Let’s look at the map to find a road that leads to nowhere.”
Marius: “I am not convinced.”
Stephanie: “Trust me.”

Stephanie: “I think I can hear a wolf.”
Marius: “What?”
Stephanie: “Just kidding.”


Marius is pouring hot water over his holy camping drip coffee maker.

Stephanie: “Hey, have you been up for long?”
Marius: “The question is, did I ever sleep?”
Stephanie: “Because of the wolves?”
Marius: “Yup.”
Stephanie: “Thanks for fighting them off.”
Marius: “You are welcome.”

Stephanie: “Ha, you look like a semi-serious adventure cyclist.”
Marius: “Is that a person in the sleeping bag over there?”
Stephanie: “Yes.”
Marius: “…”



Marius is pouring hot water over his holy drip coffee maker.

Stephanie: “Hey, that was fun. Let’s do something cool this weekend.”
Marius: “I’ll never go camping again with you.”
Stephanie: “Okay. Let’s just wait a little. There will come a point when you look back and think it was fun. Trust me.”
Marius: “Okay.”

Stephanie performs a ridiculous break dance move on the floor.

Always a pleasure, rnarius.
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